Tesla cars are very popular in Hong Kong. There are more Teslas per capita in the territory than anywhere else.  This one minute video is from downtown Hong Kong, one of four Tesla showrooms in the city.



In Budapest the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban continues his feud with billionaire, Hungarian-born investor George Soros. There are posters throughout the city with Soros’s picture with the caption, “he has a plan,” which presumably is to bring middle eastern immigrants to Hungary and build a multi-ethnic state. Orban is stepping up his attacks on the Soros-funded Central European University, which he believes is a platform for promoting the Soros platform.


Slovakia has come a long way since its velvet divorce from what was Czechoslovakia in 1993. Returning in November 2017 to Bratislava for the first time in a decade, Barry finds discernible improvement in the Slovak economy.

 In October 2017 the International Monetary Fund held its annual gathering of world finance officials in Washington.  Having reported on these meetings for three decades, Barry believes the IMF is the embodiment of globalization.

From the G20 press room in Hamburg, this is Barry’s July 8, 2017 positive assessment of the global economic summit hosted by German chancellor Angela Merkel. 

The following includes a 2015 feature on Warren Buffett’s first business, a talk on the Greek debt crisis, an interview with Warren Buffett, a farewell visit to the Cannondale bicycle factory in Pennsylvania, and profiles of Detroit and the auto industry in the crisis years 2008/2009.

Debt Crisis–Greece and the US

September 21, 2011

“Warren Buffett is wrong, the US could experience a Greek-style debt crisis.” This was the topic of Barry’s September 21st, 2011 talk at the advanced academic program symposium at Johns Hopkins University, School of Arts and Sciences in Washington, DC.

Last Major US Bicycle Maker Outsourcing to Asia

April 27, 2009

Bedford, a small town on the Juniata River in southern Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Mountains, has been the manufacturing center for the Cannondale Bicycle Company, the biggest remaining producer of bicycles made in the USA. But VOA’s Barry Wood reports from Bedford that a big change is in the works, and it is not a good one.

General Motors, America’s Biggest Car Company, Struggles to Survive

April 6, 2009

Buffeted by the global credit squeeze and the worst recession in 60 years, the world’s car companies in recent months have seen their sales plummet by 40 to 50 percent. VOA’s Barry Wood reports that no company has been hit harder than General Motors, the US-based industrial behemoth that manufactures vehicles on five continents.

Legendary Investor Warren Buffett Upbeat for Long-term

January 16, 2009

The world’s richest man, Warren Buffett, tells VOA’s Barry Wood that despite a deep financial and economic crisis, he believes American stocks are cheap and he is optimistic about the longer-term future.

Detroit Struggles to Halt Decline

October 7, 2008

Detroit, Michigan –the home of America’s big three car companies– is where the world’s auto industry was born. But along with the car companies it depends on, this Midwestern city is experiencing hard times. VOA’s Barry Wood reports from Detroit about the formidable challenges confronting the city.

Car Sales Fall 27 Percent

October 3, 2008

The US credit crunch is keeping American consumers out of car showrooms. In September, US car sales were down a stunning 27 percent. VOA’s Barry Wood reports from Detroit, the home of the US auto industry.

Henry Ford’s Model T Debuted 100 Years Ago

October 2, 2008

One hundred years ago, at a three-story factory in Detroit, Michigan, Henry Ford completed his first Model T. It became the world’s most popular car, a distinction that lasted until the 1970s when it was finally outsold by the Volkswagon Beetle. VOA’s Barry Wood reports from Dearborn, a suburb of Detroit.

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