October 2019 Talk at Johns Hopkins on “What’s the End Game in Hong Kong?”

On October 28, 2019, Barry addressed a government and politics class at the Washington campus of Johns Hopkins University. The class included several students from mainland China and from Hong Kong.  The discussion was lively.  Comments from the class of 25 were favorable, including “awesome,””terrific,” and “let’s have him again.”

The prevailing view to the question posed was that China is unlikely to bend but that a military crack down is unlikely. HK presentation



Barry’s first career was teaching. He was an instructor of economics at Northern Michigan University and for three years an instructor of social science at Western Michigan University. Earlier, he was a junior and senior high social studies teacher in the Kalamazoo public schools. For seven weeks in 2010 he was a permanent substitute at Washington’s Alice Deal Middle School, teaching the American revolution and the Civil War to 8th graders. He also taught history and journalism classes at Woodrow Wilson Senior High School in DC. For six weeks in both 2011 and 2012 he was a guest lecturer at Kingswood College, a boarding school in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. There he taught classes in business, personal finance, US history, and literature. Read about his experience there in the featured article from the Cosmos Club Bulletin below.