Cecil Rhodes With His Pants Down

In September 1891 Cecil Rhodes set out from Beira in Portuguese East Africa for the new settlement of Salisbury in Mashonaland 310 miles away. It was an arduous journey through lion country and knoted forests.  There was no road and a rail line was some years away.  Empire builder Rhodes was at the time prime minister of the Cape Province. A year earlier he had dispatched to … Continue reading Cecil Rhodes With His Pants Down

Bulawayo’s Ghosts

It is January 2019. I’m the sole guest in an elegant dining room where a dozen tables are set with starched napkins and crystal water goblets awaiting patrons who will never arrive. Floor length drapes are pulled back and neatly tied on windows that look out over a manicured garden. A portrait of young Queen Elizabeth in a white gown is displayed above mahogany wainscoting.  … Continue reading Bulawayo’s Ghosts

What Will a Recovery Look Like? Part II

WASHINGTON:  The Peterson Institute for International Economics on April 10 said the US economy is currently contracting at an unprecedented 50% annual rate with unemployment likely to reach 18% by June. But if the virus is contained and the shutdown is lifted, the Washington-based think tank predicts an equally rapid snap-back with the economy growing at a 50% pace in the July to September quarter. In … Continue reading What Will a Recovery Look Like? Part II

What Will a Recovery Look Like?

WASHINGTON; April 9, 2020: We’re in the midst of an unprecedented global economic shutdown, the kind of black swan event or exogenous economic shock  we’ve been warned about.  It happened with frightening speed.  In just six-weeks the US economy went from 50-year low unemployment to 17 million people out of work.  Share prices, at a peak in mid-February, plunged over 20% into a bear market.  We’re experiencing a global … Continue reading What Will a Recovery Look Like?

Hiking to Yosemite’s Tall Trees

Oakhurst, CA:  In 1903 famed naturalist John Muir brought President Theodore Roosevelt to Yosemite National Park in California’s High Sierras.  They spent three days hiking, riding and camping in the wild.  Roosevelt was smitten with the beauty of the place and he and Muir declared “wilderness saves the human spirit.”   These two pioneer conservationists began their Yosemite journey at Mariposa Grove, home to the world’s oldest tall trees, … Continue reading Hiking to Yosemite’s Tall Trees