After the Revolution, Patriot Soldiers Came to Ohio

British commanders leading regular army units against the American rebels invariably blasted their opponents as peasants, ragamuffins and rabble.  This, I’ve learned, is essentially true.   Even esteemed historian David McCullough in his 1776 says American soldiers looked like “farmers in from the fields.” Whether in the north or south, whether early or late in the war, continental troops—aside from officers– seldom had uniforms.  They were poorly equipped and often … Continue reading After the Revolution, Patriot Soldiers Came to Ohio

China’s Message to Hong Kong

On February 4th  Hong Kong authorities decreed that children as young as six must learn the attributes of the draconian security law imposed on the city last June.  Children are instructed that the measure assures “continued development and long-term prosperity” for Hong Kong.  There’s even a video to assist teachers.  The required instruction on security is only the latest curriculum revision bringing education in Hong Kong closer to mainland practices. … Continue reading China’s Message to Hong Kong