Winning Combination: P-51 Mustang and Rolls-Royce Merlin Engine

This past summer at the Duxford air show in England I came upon a P-51 Mustang that was being worked on and thus not flying that day. Stopping at the explanatory display, I was astonished to read that for this iconic airplane only 120 days had passed from design to production.  Could this be true? Research uncovered surprises. In 1940 British industry was running flat out … Continue reading Winning Combination: P-51 Mustang and Rolls-Royce Merlin Engine

Budapest House of Hungarian Music

An Architectural Gem BUDAPEST: Approaching the city’s new House of Music, Hungary, the low structure ahead is intriguing, its roof punctuated with what appears to be splotches of gold. Up close the roof hovers like an undulating canvass. The exterior wall is curved translucent glass reflecting trees and passersby.  Everywhere on the ceiling and walls a visitor encounters the architect’s whimsical touch, shimmering gold objects that … Continue reading Budapest House of Hungarian Music

Bond Vigilantes Pounced, the Pound Rolled Over

Bond vigilantes sell bonds when they think government isn’t doing enough to control inflation. Dumping government bonds sends their prices lower and interest rates higher.  Ed Yardeni, who coined the term in 1983, puts it this way, “if the fiscal and monetary authorities won’t regulate the economy, the bond investors will.”  In the last week of September Britain got a bitter reminder of what can happen … Continue reading Bond Vigilantes Pounced, the Pound Rolled Over

Peril on Lake Erie

On Friday evening April 5, 1851 the paddle-wheeler Southerner departed Cleveland on its regular run to Detroit 168-miles to the northwest. Only four years old the Southerner and its sister ship Baltimore were the pride of the new Detroit and Cleveland Steam Ship Company. Like on so many earlier sailings Southerner’s decks were crammed with settlers and their luggage. The immigrants had purchased land in … Continue reading Peril on Lake Erie