Leadership Changes Are Essential

WASHINGTON: I’ve been asked multiple times in the past week whether the January 6th invasion of the US Capitol undermines American democracy.  My reply is yes, the pro-Trump mob posed a threat, but it was rather quickly turned back despite the tragic loss of five lives. The president, of course, bears much of the blame for the catastrophe. While he did urge non-violence in his otherwise … Continue reading Leadership Changes Are Essential

President Trump Wants to Expand the G7. Can He Do That?

On May 29 Germany’s Angela Merkel vetoed President Trump’s plan to host this year’s Group of Seven summit in Washington at the end of June. Chancellor Merkel said the still active corona virus made it impossible for her to travel to the US.  Merkel’s public declaration did not sit well with the president who envisaged a face to face gathering of global leaders as an electoral … Continue reading President Trump Wants to Expand the G7. Can He Do That?

Is Trump Victory a Mandate for Change?

  WASHINGTON: Historian Douglas Brinkley of Rice University describes the unexpected victory of Donald Trump as a social revolution comparable only to the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980. “There’s been nothing like this in our lifetime,” said the respected authority on the presidency. Pollsters and pundits—including myself—were completely wrong-footed. In retrospect there were signals that were missed. In my case two days before the … Continue reading Is Trump Victory a Mandate for Change?