Refugees: Germany Land of Hope

GOTHA, GERMANY:  In welcoming thousands of refugees shunned by others Germany occupies moral high ground. Stories and images of desperate migrants fill television news. Nightly there are informed debates about the challenge of integrating Syrian and other Muslim asylum seekers into German society.  The impulse to help is visceral, shared by the public and elected leaders.  Chancellor Angela Merkel probably speaks for millions when she … Continue reading Refugees: Germany Land of Hope

Thessaloniki: Heart of Macedonia

Thessaloniki, Greece.  The Galerius Arch has been the eastern gateway into this pulsating port city since it was built in 299 A.D. commemorating the Roman emperor’s victory over the Persians. The thoroughfare passing beneath the arch—the Via Egnatia—is even older. It dates from 146 B.C. and extends 400 kilometers from the Adriatic town of Durres across the mountains of Macedonia and then south to this … Continue reading Thessaloniki: Heart of Macedonia

A Stunning Lack of US Support for the IMF

Thessaloniki, Greece.  Some years back, I wrote that the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund in Washington was Davos on the Potomac. It is, but it is much more.  Held two out of every three years in the IMF headquarters city, it is a much larger and more important gathering than the World Economic Forum.   Marco Annunziata of GE, formerly the chief economist at … Continue reading A Stunning Lack of US Support for the IMF