Antalya Is a Moveable Feast

ANTALYA, Turkey.  The skies over the Middle East and South Asia were crowded Monday night as no fewer than seven VIP aircraft carried heads of state and government from one summit to another.  It began stage two of a moveable feast. The special planes, most of them 747s, brought President Obama and the leaders of China, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Australia and Canada from the … Continue reading Antalya Is a Moveable Feast

In Weimar 25-Years of German Unification Have Worked Wonders

Weimar train station, 1990 and 2015 House at 37 Albrecht Durer Street The Hotel International … is now the Hotel Kaiserin Augusta (all photos: Barry D. Wood) WEIMAR, GERMANY:  While there was still a German Democratic Republic in March 1990, I traveled to Weimar, the town of Goethe and Schiller and of the Buchenwald concentration camp where 56,000 Jews and others perished.  The article I wrote … Continue reading In Weimar 25-Years of German Unification Have Worked Wonders

Refugees: Germany Land of Hope

GOTHA, GERMANY:  In welcoming thousands of refugees shunned by others Germany occupies moral high ground. Stories and images of desperate migrants fill television news. Nightly there are informed debates about the challenge of integrating Syrian and other Muslim asylum seekers into German society.  The impulse to help is visceral, shared by the public and elected leaders.  Chancellor Angela Merkel probably speaks for millions when she … Continue reading Refugees: Germany Land of Hope

Recalling Post-Communism, Romania 1996

BUCHAREST, September 18, 1996: The old Ilyushin 18 (YR-IMF) was built in 1964.  Its five-man crew from Tarom had been together a long time, including a year on contract to Cubana where the transatlantic crossing went Prague, Rekyavik, Gander, Havana.  The crew strolled into the Timisoara airport lobby at dinnertime.  Waiting for the flight to Bucharest, I was delighted to learn that this would be … Continue reading Recalling Post-Communism, Romania 1996

Governors Sound Alarm on Pain Pill Epidemic

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV: At last weekend’s summer meeting of the National Governors Association there was an unexpected bipartisan call to arms against drug abuse. Oklahoma’s Republican governor Mary Fallin described the prescription drug epidemic as “the enemy within,” a threat to national security equal to Islamic terror.  Steve Beshear, Kentucky’s Democratic governor, stunned the audience with the statistic that more Americans are dying from … Continue reading Governors Sound Alarm on Pain Pill Epidemic