News Goes Mobile

WASHINGTON:  After years of decline, mainstream media is seeing signs of turnaround and it’s all on line, particularly mobile.  That’s a take-a-way from the World Media Congress that took place in Washington from June 1 to 3. As any reporter still getting paid knows, the transition to digital has been brutal. In ten years the number of working journalists is down 20%, traditional media share … Continue reading News Goes Mobile

Kindle and the Rise of E-Books

In a late February talk in Washington, HarperCollins chief executive Brian Murray declared that seeks to put publishers out of business. “No-one,” he said, “has yet discovered how to compete with Amazon.” He regards Amazon as more powerful than Walmart. Amazon’s Kindle that was unveiled in 2007, said Murray, triggered the explosive growth of ebooks, which now comprise 20% of all books sold in … Continue reading Kindle and the Rise of E-Books