Remembering Mozambique Independence

My, how the world has changed.  Mozambique independence in 1975 was a kind of high water mark of communism. Fresh from victory in Portugal’s 1974 military coup and its triumph in Vietnam, ‘world revolution’ arrived in southern Africa on June 25, 1975 with the People’s Republic of Mozambique. In the days before the Portuguese handover, pundits in what was still Lourenco Marques wondered whether the … Continue reading Remembering Mozambique Independence

Remembering Portugal’s Revolution That Changed Africa

Forty years ago a brave band of junior officers overthrew Portugal’s dictatorship. On April 25th, 1974 thousands poured into Lisbon’s plazas in celebration. Flower sellers did a brisk trade in red carnations that poked from the barrels of soldiers’ rifles. Marcelo Caetano, the despot who headed the fascist government in power since 1932, fled to Brazil. The young captains behind the coup had seen for … Continue reading Remembering Portugal’s Revolution That Changed Africa