The May 7th Vote in the New South Africa

To understand the new South Africa, look no further than the red-robed female jurist presiding at the televised trial of blade runner Oscar Pistorius. “My lady,” as she is addressed in court, is Thokozile Masipa, a 67-year-old lawyer from Soweto. In 1998 she became only the second black woman appointed to a South African high court. Judge Thokozile Masipa (photo: SABC)  Here is a judge … Continue reading The May 7th Vote in the New South Africa

Zimbabwe’s Transition to What?

Zimbabwe is entering an unsteady transition politically and economically.  Robert Mugabe, its sole leader since independence in 1980, turns 90 on February 21st.  He can’t live forever.  Who will follow Mugabe and what course will his successors steer? After four years of gradual improvement, the economy is again deteriorating.  Money is in short supply. Workers are losing jobs.  Government is starved of tax revenue because … Continue reading Zimbabwe’s Transition to What?