East Germany After the Wall

In March 1990, when there was still a communist East Germany, I spent ten days traveling from East Berlin to Leipzig, Dresden and places in between. One dreary evening I arrived late in historic Weimar only to find the hotels fully booked.  But in a makeshift office near the station an enterprising easterner had set up an agency that paired travelers with locals seeking hard … Continue reading East Germany After the Wall

Dan Ellsberg: Get Rid of Nukes

In a March 25thtalk at Washington’s Cosmos Club, former nuclear analyst Daniel Ellsberg said a complacent public must be educated to the horrors of nuclear war. A nuclear exchange involving any of the nine nuclear powers would kill hundreds of millions. Referring to decades of global apathy, he said “we have accepted a nightmare.” Dan Ellsberg and the author Ellsberg, 88 in April, is best known … Continue reading Dan Ellsberg: Get Rid of Nukes