Blythe, CA to Brenda, AZ

Brenda, AZ.  There’s an I Love Lucy episode from the 1950s in which Lucy and Desi stop at a motel that is so close to the highway that the lamp on the table rattles so loudly when traffic goes by that they can’t sleep. My motel in the village of Brenda wasn’t that bad, mainly because there were not that many vehicles going by at night.

When the rain came in at 6 p.m, luckily  I was inside the Buckaroo Restaurant, a half-mile down the road from the motel. I had hurried back to get inside before the Buckaroo closed at 7. There was neither a restaurant nor a store for ten miles.

It had been a longish day but a satisfying one. I was back on the road after a two-day hiatus and things went well. The day began in Blythe and continued the short distance east to the Colorado River that forms the border with Arizona. Given recent rains there was a considerable flow in the south-flowing river.
I wasn’t sure how far I would get. My first target was Quartzsite, a small town on interstate 10 20 miles from Blythe. Riding along the shoulder of the interstate I took the exit for Quartzsite to get information for what kind of accommodation I might find farther on.  As I entered the lobby of the Super 8 motel I was surprised by the sign on its door.  It read, “If you’re walking outside the motel be aware that this is the season that snakes wake up and are coming out. If you see one on the motel property, DO NOT BOTHER IT, but report its whereabouts to management.”
Riding on, the wind had dissipated and there was no immediate threat of rain.  I continued on on the interstate and took the Adventure Cycling Association route that departed the freeway at exit 31. From there it was only five-miles northeast to Brenda where I spent the night. I was tempted to go on but gave up the idea when I learned there wouldn’t be another motel for 30 miles.
The day ended with six-hours of riding that covered 45-miles. 

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