Peoria to Tempe–Mission Accomplished

Tempe, AZ. It is a circuitous, enjoyable ride along the Arizona Canal Bike Path across the 50-mile wide expanse of metropolitan Phoenix.  To reach the canal from highway 60 a rider sees the dramatic transition from scrub desert sand to fashionable neighborhoods with irrigated lawns. The trail is often hard to follow as signs and arrows are in short supply. It winds north past a … Continue reading Peoria to Tempe–Mission Accomplished

Wickenburg, Arizona and Steer Roping

Wickenburg, AZ.  It was a 55-mile ride from Brenda, Arizona to Aguila, my target for the day. On the map that stretches from Palm Springs to Phoenix,  Brenda isn’t shown but is a tiny village 17-miles west of Hope. Aside from desert and collections of RV campers there is very little along this route. Stopping for lunch after two hours riding, I phoned ahead to … Continue reading Wickenburg, Arizona and Steer Roping

Blythe, CA to Brenda, AZ

Brenda, AZ.  There’s an I Love Lucy episode from the 1950s in which Lucy and Desi stop at a motel that is so close to the highway that the lamp on the table rattles so loudly when traffic goes by that they can’t sleep. My motel in the village of Brenda wasn’t that bad, mainly because there were not that many vehicles going by at … Continue reading Blythe, CA to Brenda, AZ