Beating the Mojave’s Cycling Demons

PHOENIX:  Shortly after Pearl Harbor, General George S. Patton took charge of a swath of sand that stretched from Palm Springs almost to Phoenix.  Centered on the Mojave Desert and encompassing 18,000 square miles, it was here that Patton simulated tank warfare and toughened up recruits for Operation Torch, the November 1942 invasion of North Africa. Eventually one million GIs passed through the Desert Training … Continue reading Beating the Mojave’s Cycling Demons

Peoria to Tempe–Mission Accomplished

Tempe, AZ. It is a circuitous, enjoyable ride along the Arizona Canal Bike Path across the 50-mile wide expanse of metropolitan Phoenix.  To reach the canal from highway 60 a rider sees the dramatic transition from scrub desert sand to fashionable neighborhoods with irrigated lawns. The trail is often hard to follow as signs and arrows are in short supply. It winds north past a … Continue reading Peoria to Tempe–Mission Accomplished

Choices in Cycling

Peoria, AZ.  Brian Lamb, the founder of C-SPAN, says he has learned in his long career that people want choices.  Certainly that is evident in cycling. Among the delights of Wickenburg, 66 miles nort of Phoenix, was connecting with a dozen or so touring cyclists who had come up from Tucson in the southern part of the state. They had ended their ride for the … Continue reading Choices in Cycling