Blythe, CA to Brenda, AZ

Brenda, AZ.  There’s an I Love Lucy episode from the 1950s in which Lucy and Desi stop at a motel that is so close to the highway that the lamp on the table rattles so loudly when traffic goes by that they can’t sleep. My motel in the village of Brenda wasn’t that bad, mainly because there were not that many vehicles going by at … Continue reading Blythe, CA to Brenda, AZ

Potholes Ahead for Tesla

WASHINGTON, DC: Tesla Motors is on a roll. Last year its share price quadrupled and it sold over 20,000 cars. There’s a waiting list for every four-door sedan that rolls out of the Fremont, California plant. But with a single factory and a more complicated SUV expected down the line later this year, can Tesla nearly double production as planned? Other potholes include batteries, dealer … Continue reading Potholes Ahead for Tesla