Globalization and the Australian Car Industry

It’s been a devastating 18 months for the Australian auto industry and its 50, 000 workers. One by one, the country’s automakers declared that without import protection they couldn’t be profitable and had to close. Ford is the first to go.  Its local CEO Bob Graziano observed that Australian manufacturing costs are four times Asian levels and double those of Europe.  Having lost $600 million … Continue reading Globalization and the Australian Car Industry

Potholes Ahead for Tesla

WASHINGTON, DC: Tesla Motors is on a roll. Last year its share price quadrupled and it sold over 20,000 cars. There’s a waiting list for every four-door sedan that rolls out of the Fremont, California plant. But with a single factory and a more complicated SUV expected down the line later this year, can Tesla nearly double production as planned? Other potholes include batteries, dealer … Continue reading Potholes Ahead for Tesla

Optimism in Detroit as Autos Lead Recovery

For the first time in a decade there is optimism in Detroit. Not only is the blighted city slowly beginning a turn around, the industry that gave it life is restructured and fit, having climbed back from near collapse in 2009. In 2013 US brands accounted for 46% of domestic sales, outselling their Japanese, Korean and German competitors. Light vehicle sales climbed to 15.6 million, … Continue reading Optimism in Detroit as Autos Lead Recovery